Fitting Many Cars into a Small Garage

If you own many used cars, it is likely that you have encountered problems in terms of space. This is often the case for those who have limited area within an existing garage. How can this issue be dealt with and what are some of the most efficient means to make the most out of your garage?

Vehicle Movers

One of the challenges that many used car fanatics face is that moving a vehicle (even if only a few metres) from one location to another can be frustrating without a car mover. This is easily addressed through the options that are offered by Stringo. Such sophisticated units provide you with the necessary mobility without sacrificing safety.

Maximising Your Space

Many individuals are surprised to learn the amount of clutter within a garage that can be cleared away in a few simple steps. For example, loose items such as oil cans and spare tyres are able to be stored in overhead compartments. Many do-it-yourself resources also point out that upright toolboxes are much more economical as opposed to traditional models. They have a much smaller footprint and as a result, there will be more room for any additional vehicles.

Planning Ahead

Unless you are willing to add a costly extension to your existing garage, it is best to determine the amount of viable space you have well in advance. Calculate the total number of square metres and keep in mind that you will require personal space to navigate. Then, determine the footprint of the vehicles and combine each size. The last thing you desire to to purchase a new or used car only to find that there is not sufficient space to keep it protected from the elements!

These are only a handful of sure-fire ways to make the most out of what may certainly prove to be a limited amount of space within your garage.