How to Avoid Cigarette Smell in a Rental Car

One of the most irritating things about smoking is the effect that cigarette smoke leaves in the car. We can admit that cigarette smoking is addictive and looks quite stylish; hence it is difficult to resist it. But when the craving comes, you have to quench it. So how can you get the nicotine rush and still use your rental car?

The best alternative is the use of snus. Snus is a moist powdery tobacco product that is consumed by placing it under the upper lip or lower lip, with the juices producing the same effect as smoking a cigarette. You can get more information here.

Scientists have shown that snus is more beneficial than tobaccos use and also reduces the chances of cancer. It is also more comfortable to use, it does not drip, and is also easy on the mouth and lips. You can get read more here.

It is important to note that a rental car does not belong to you, and you will have to return it to the owner once you are through with it. The owner in turn will have to rent it out to someone else along the way, and the next customer might be a nonsmoker. So to mitigate the effects of the smell of smoke polluting the car, why not use odorless snus?

This is a win-win situation, where the smoking client will still get the dose he needs and not affect the business of the car rental company. The car rental company does not have to lose clients because of cigarette aromas in their cars, and also they don’t have to spend money on dry cleaning and air fresheners for their cars. Though many cigarette smokers still like the fancy feeling of holding a cigarette, snus can be the best alternative because it is effective and also reduces issues connected to smoking.